Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

So, what is the point of selling items if you cant buy potions? It dosent count my slime kills as someone already said. hard to tell if have to compelate objective to go to next dungeon or if need to find a ladder. if you click to the side away from an item bag, but then back, it isnt still there. overall, hard for me to give this game a good rating....

I Like it a lot.
But it is not counting my Slime kills anymore.

Couple of things, for one= Its pretty short on content, not alot of progression or enemy variety :\
2: Pretty buggy later on, even if you ignore the shopkeeper
3: While i love a classic game every now and then there is a limit, and a reason why they arent made very often, sorr yman but this just dosent hold enough content: for me atleast- good game for its concept though ^^
As such my review is based on my thoughts of it as a game, not my opinion. game as normal is a 4, my opinion around a 1, if even
but thats just me :P

uhm little bug if you shift click on an item by the shop keeper you get it without paying so yeah kinda makes the game REALLY easy

no strategy, gold is useless because you can free items, too easy because a lvl 6 sword start etc.
sry for bad english

TheeCoffee responds:

oh right