Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

cool idea, and i like all these games with new control schemes, but im not sure this is working properly at all. i was unable to do anything at most rooms, and only was able to attack 1 monster despite encountering several and being forced to simply walk past. i'm not sure what i have accomplished so far or how to get to "level 4" because i pretty much cant do anything but walk forwards and hope that the next room is functioning properly.

as well as this, the menus were incredibly unclear, and i had no idea what i was doing most of the time/ there appears to be no hostile enemies which pose any sort of threat to the player.
this cookie needs some more time in the oven.

TheeCoffee responds:

Fixed it :)

A little buggy, perhaps?

The game is good as a classic dungeon crawler. I think I ran into several glitches though. The first being that if I buy from the shop, gold does not get deducted from my wallet. Secondly, I can't get past Dungeon 3. I find the ladder, but instead of going down into Dungeon 4, I simply go back to a merchant. Lastly, I seem to be able to stack potions or something. I have an "infinite" on slot 4.

That being said, this game is good. I can see potential. Maybe add another dungeon? Or maybe try to expand the game even more? There's a lot that can be done here, so keep working on it.

Buggy, but otherwise good.


TheeCoffee responds:

hm... I'll see
EDIT: Fixed it :)

I don't know how this got front page.

Sorry it just lacks everything I think should constitute a good game.
Presentation? nonexistent
Gameplay? meet monster, press attack untill you kill it... yeah.
Sound? only for picking up items, and pressing attack.
Graphics? ???

I saw a game like this on stencylarcade months ago.

My best so far

LvL: 3
XP:14 /30
dmg: 3
dungeon 2

what i had on me when i died

basic dagger
monster killer
monster killer


a really great game and pobabbly the coolest game i have ever played thats an rpg

TheeCoffee responds:

Thanks! :D