Reviews for "Dungeon Legends"

much potential, very glitchy.

First and foremost, the good parts. Very 'retro, commadore' style game,and I enjoyed the potential behind it, Fairly simple controls to understand.

NOW the less then fun parts.
The dungeon layout. Was perfectly fine, until I realized that each level was just randomly generated. No dead ends, no 'right path to follow'... HECK, not even any walls. Thus, no reason for me to turn left or right.

As stated in the past, If you click the attack button fast enough you can kill enemy's without getting hit yourself. Which was most of the time.

Picking up items, was fairly easy... using them, not so much. Didn't realize that I had to 'remove' the weapon i was wielding into my inventory, to put the new one up. So I threw away a +2 and a +3 weapon, because my inventory was 3 healing potions and the new sword I had picked up. Finally noticed, and switched to a +4 pike.

Levelling up, I like how you get full hp, but that was the only bonus to levelling up, that I noticed. No extra attack power, no obvious extra life, no extra inventory... what was the purpose behind the levelling up. That goblin hit me for ' ---' that much of my hp bar before my level up and hit me for '---' that same amount of hp after the level up.

Quests are buggy. Kill 5 slimes. Ok, I got a +4 pike, no problem. 7 slimes later, I'm still at 0/5 slimes for the quest. the only one quest that I noticed working was the 'steps' taken, and as someone previously mentioned, you can glitch it, by getting into combat, and keep pushing the arrow buttons to keep 'walking' while being stuck in the one place, free of hurt.

Item usage is also buggy. As mentioned earlier, I was walking around with 3 health pots. It took all 3 of the potions to go up 1 tiny 'notch' on the hp. Perhaps adding a separate stat, where we can watch the numerical value of our hp, rather then a rather 'generic' 'I think I have' this much hp bar. Numerical value's can allow us to gauge our HP far better then some bar that seems to decrease by pixels one hit, and a quarter of our bar the next hit.

Again, this game has 'potential' for a very retro, very classic game that could of stood out on its own. But as it is, he bugs,and confusion, render it very... low on the want to play schedule.

TheeCoffee responds:

You get Extra powers when you level up.
I am planning to add Numerical HP too.

Quests like "Something killed 0/5" doesn't work for me... Could it be fixed? I keep killing goblins but it is always 0/5 T_T

TheeCoffee responds:

Are you using Monster Killer?
Because these doesn't give XP or anything (to Prevent Cheating).
And does the Goblin have 10 HP? (These Doesn't Register either)

I really like this game but it has a few bugs. One is it wont register if I kill any slime, goblins, or anything. Also, if you level up, you should atleast get more power, hit points, or something, right?

TheeCoffee responds:

What do you mean with Register?

A bit glitchy. Sometimes potions don't work. If I'm in a battle, I can keep pushing the arrows and rack up 'times walked' tallies. If I have 500 gold, I can buy something worth that much, but then my 500 gold don't go away.

Would be simple and fun without those errors.

TheeCoffee responds:

Fixed it :)

This game has potential for sure! The bugs I'm noticing are that the game doesn't register when you kill a goblin and that you don't lose any gold when you purchase items at the store. Keep at it :)

TheeCoffee responds:

Fixed it :)