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World's End Chapter 1

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Deplorable Elevation 5 Points

Use the elevator.

Payment in Blood 5 Points

Defeat 25 enemies.

Blasphemous Errand 10 Points

Defeat Otis.

Class and Refinement 10 Points

Defeat Zofia.

Murderous Rampage 10 Points

Defeat 50 enemies.

So Many Highs Left Unattained 10 Points

Defeat Boris.

What Were A Boss? 10 Points

Defeat Laszlo.

Calculated Indifference 25 Points

Learn all of Ivan's skills.

Crossing the Threshold 25 Points

Complete the game.

Delayed Retirement 25 Points

Learn all of Casimir's skills.

Into the Chasm of Enlightenment 25 Points

Learn all of Tevoran's skills.

Petulant Frenzy 25 Points

Learn all of Ysabel's skills.

Questionable Victory 25 Points

Achieve 8 flawless victories.

Relics Unveiled 25 Points

Find all secrets.

Skeetlings To The Four Breezes 25 Points

Learn all of Vadim's skills.

Strong Like Ox 25 Points

Learn all of Oksana's skills.

Unprecedented Violence 25 Points

Defeat every enemy.

Boundless Cunning 50 Points

Achieve flawless victories in every battle.

Author Comments

A darkly comedic turn-based strategy RPG.

Learn skills to improve strength and unlock special attacks and abilities. Buy, find and plunder items and equipment. Use terrain, traps, obstacles and even foes' corpses to gain the tactical advantage as you lead Tevoran and Company to questionable victory.

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2015 Updates:

Added game engine improvements from Chapter 2 and updated map artwork. Thanks to everyone for the bug reports!

Chapter 2 is out! Play it here on Newgrounds:


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Been following this for awhile and I've loved both of the chapters since 2014. I've only recently known about the third one and now I'm hit with the upcoming fourth and last one too if I'm not mistaken. Made me quite gloomy as I had been on and off playing this just to ingrain it and make a core memory out of it. Although bittersweet I assume most things come to an end. I've been getting people to try out the series over the course of time little by little. I'm in love with everything about it; the music is crunchy, art is quite iconic, the rng which makes me do quicksaves every other millisecond just cause... And the beautiful writing, Oh the precious writing. I really admire the series and all of it. It's as if the people working on this love what they're doing?

I used to play this game all the time. Amazing!

Nothing short of a flash masterpiece :O

I got all the skills for Oksana, but the medal didn't unlock. All the other ones have worked thus far.
Good game overall.

Very good strategy game, with enough variables and change of ability to make it both replayable and interesting over-all, and extremely funny to boot!

The lower-than-otherwise-deserving score is simply for the god-awful % engine you seem to be using.

I'm not a mathematician, and so have no idea what the probability is of hitting two enemies, with the same smoke attack, with an 85% chance to hit either one are, but I'm willing to bet 1/8 isn't it.

I hope the engine is fixed in later chapters; otherwise it turns an otherwise fun game into a save-scumming grind fest.