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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

The graphics and the music are very well combined, they fit perfectly.
The gameplay continue the sequence of a RPG, the history is not established but it is interesting and the difficulty of this game is moderated, it is not "Impossible to pass" or "The easiest" so, I think it is amazing.
Congratulations for your job!

Good game just character need their own points and I wanna grind oped character please :) also more environmental weapons that's awesome and secrets.

I think this game is amazing from 1 to 10 its 10000000000

It is a really great game, using strategy. It is cool that there is one large pool of xp points so you can upgrade somebody if they need more points for an upgrade
Bug Found!: When Ivan shoves somebody, the game stops and you must reload the webpage

Ive only started it and I like the story so far but the hooligan words really hurt my brain to think and the rpg battle is interesting though standard final fantasy type game play . Im looking forward to finishing it.