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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

Dang i haven't played this in years! I sucked at this when i was little, im doing fairly better now.

Stuck at the first boss :p

P.S. A good game to play when you are bored and need to pass time. The soundtrack is pretty killer im reminded of SNES or Genesis when i hear it :3

I enjoyed the game greatly and will be starting chapter two tomorrow, seeing as it is currently.....11p m. I hope that Ivan has a good role to play in this, Even if he does not I know i will enjoy it

That was AWESOME
The tactical battles were challenging and I lost several times, but managed them eventually by changing strategy. The cut scenes were hilarious with two different slangs mixed with Tevoran's pompous speech.
The game is completely linear, the graphics not great, and I only got to learn few of the available skills. The plat wasn't too clear and I don't really like playing the criminal, if that was even the case... It's not perfect, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm afraid tomorrow I'll get addicted to chapter 2...

Good game, but I cant seem to be able to save my game, will increase the rating if I can see more of the game without losing all of my progress.

I played this game back in 2013 and RPG is very hard.