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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

This is such a ripoff of final fantasy tactics a2 with the battle play

Amazing. This is a fantastic tactics RPG that really whets the appetite for anyone who loves Final Fantasy Tactics. It's a little more basic in terms of gameplay, but for a Flash game, I'm blown away. You really put some work into this game. My only gripe is that if I'm having trouble with a battle, it'd be nice if I could go fight previous battles (grind) to get more powerful and prepared, but on the other hand, this makes you rely on strategy than grinding. The plat isn't really that amazingly funny considering it's supposed to be a satire, but it moves the story along and gives an excuse for action. I've only finished the pharmacist rescue mission, but I plan to complete the game. I haven't been this enthralled in a Flash game for a long time.

I heard first about World End 2 but after playing that for 30 mins I had to come back and play World End 1 first to get the full experience. Really liking this game so far. Seems like some good challening strategy to the gameplay and the dialog is entertaining. Good work!

Story was interesting for a read. I had learnt many new vocabularies from the old man. Game play was alright although it comprised of battles mostly. I didn't succeed in defeating Boris, who had poisons and other fatal items. My team of four rested in peace.

not bad i really wish i made a hacked version for this never the less great game though