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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

I enjoyed the writing, and the strategy gameplay was pretty decent! Great job.
I'm gonna move onto the next chapter now.

Brilliant characters and dialogue, interesting lore and story, the turn-based strategy aspect of the gameplay is really nice!

Absolutely 5 stars!

Funny with good music, art. and gameplay!

Really witty and hilarious dialogue and it's really fun.

Cool game, absolutely 5 stars! Brilliant characters and dialogues, nice gameplay!

fix your code. im restarting too many battles here. The game never goes past the loading screen sometimes. It just loads for ever. 10 minutes of waiting, nothing. Going to reload my webpage and repeat a battle. very annoying bug. Sometimes it wont even make it to the main menu, after the logo, the screen goes black and stays black. really finding trouble enjoying the game