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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

the truth this game is fun (of course if you like strategy) reminds me of when I played the GBA Fire Emblem than nostalgia rating 7/10

Has an interesting and compelling story can not ask for more. And I love the character design

I really enjoyed the game. My medals didn't trigger when I beat the game. I should've gotten:
-Class and Refinement
-Crossing The Threshold
-Unprecedented Violence
-Boundless Cunning
and probably
-Murderous Rampage

I wish all of my efforts had paid off.

I even defeeted the family Red Shield without losing anyone and eliminated anything but from the achivement when I defeated Boris I didn't got the achivement for defeating Otis .
I hope If I won the game to get all thingsand skills I equiped on everyone .
That RPG is very hard like chess .
But that makes it great .
StillI'd lie to be earned a little more skill points and money but it's ok anyway .
And I wonder what I would do if the train didn't move trutht all Redshields greatly damaging them and eiminating one of them .
If it's too mutch talking , and expressing my feelings sorry It wouldn't be frequently .
Just expresing myself .

This is a great game, with a very fun combat system and compelling story which does get a bit silly at certain points but in a good way. A bit difficult, since I tried to finish it a year ago, but failed and quit, though I can't quite remember why at this point. I would've just forgotten about this except I saw Chapter 2 on the front page, so I figured I should stop beating around the bush and knock it out, start Chapter 2, finish it at some point, and then wait in anticipation for Chapter 3. Of course by that point it'll be 2045 and the series would've long ended by then. Then again, I'm just making fun of myself by this point. Hope Chapter 2 is as good and I await the rest of the series with anticipation? I think that's the right word. Keep up the good work.

So wait, are your guys anti-heroes or villains? o.O

I'm not sure if the priests in Chapter 3 were all that bad, but the rogues in Chapter 1, the drug addict noble in Chapter 2, and the brutish guards in Chapter 4 did seem to all enjoy a good asskicking. :p And yet they do seem to be brutally slaughtering a lot of people, and the old guy is kind of crazy, idk...

Anyways, this game was kind of interesting and somewhat fun, but also really hard, I agree with both Zaphrias and FireMinstrel. It's really hard to know what to upgrade or what to buy. :( But at least it isn't easy...?

Although, on the downside, my major issue with this game is that I can't seem to use the healing moves I bought on Casamir and Oksana. o.O The game is hard enough already with limited healing and crappy stats/equipment on some of my guys and limited healing items, but now I can't seem to heal when I need to with special moves... How am I going to beat the game like this? :(

I'm at the train place in Chapter 4, the second battle for that chapter against the 6 guards...

I guess I might as well skip this and see what the second one is like, maybe even skim over the walkthrough of this one to see what happens, or even a better to play this game. (It took me quite a few hours just to get this far though, the battles are pretty long, if I have to start over that is...)