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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

the ability to spend Experience Points during battle is awesome, the dialog is hilarious . And Boris is as over the top and funny as I could have hoped

rofl anyone else lose their shit when they found out you can pick up the bodys of your dead enemys and throw them at the live ones......................because i did XD more games need that type of brutality great game i hope you continue making more

This game is wonderfull!!
A solid game, rewarding with the songs in the end, and with so incressibly individual characters, that its a joy to play it even twice, silently speaking out the dialougues to be able to enjoy them more.
I actully missed a evening of beeing with friends outside on our beach, if you feel flatered, or alarmed, by that. But dont worry. No I am done with flashgames, at least until chapter two comes out.

Maybe you want to bring in more ways to interact with your world. And a stronger reward system. I offer some assistence trough .. sunno artworks or whatsoever, myself. Or a mini cutscene in flash or so.

Take care

Man..I just love this game!!

There appears to be a bug where you can't save, and my progress (the interval before the final boss) was all lost. But I don't mind, I've beaten the game twice already.