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Reviews for "World's End Chapter 1"

A villainous comical RPG.

I love it but, I'm terrible at it. I don't know how to use each character or what to buy in the shop. The furthest I ever got was the twin terrors at the train tracks.

Awesome chiptunes!

Just a few tips, I think, that would elevate this game into being a easily marketable, M-rated game for the Nintendo 3DS:

(1) Design the art for EVERY weapon and piece of armor in the game; making sure to include the change of their equipment during EACH time the characters are shown (upgrade line-up screen, dialogue avatar, sprite, upgrade skill screen sprite, etc.). I understand that you're going for a certain style, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice creativity, or a visually stunning game.

(2) Speed up gameplay by allowing us to select other players while other characters are moving, or making a category of attack that involve character displacement (e.g. lunges, swings, parkour, leapfrog slashes, rolls, etc., instead of only giving us spatially restrictive attacks). I feel like it would compliment the gameboard style that you've established.

(3) In case you want to get out of the "linear story line" model and want to dive into endgame/side mission territory, consider creating an over world map, or multiple dialogue scenes based on battle results.

I already wish this game was available on a handheld, but at this level of development, I wouldn't be surprised to see this at $15, used, at GameStop; BUT, I'm ecstatic at how much potential this game has as a side-scrolling, multi-player, co op fighter, gameboard rpg; a.k.a. an addictive double dragon/final fantasy-esque fusion done right!!!

I like this game. The art really brings me back to the old days of playing my game boy and playing final fantasy tactics. I think its a great game that brings me some nostalgia to older games but the problems I have with it is I just want some more background on the three main characters and how they met each other and more about the war that Treovan was in ect, ect, and also how they gave the wizard like character at the end. What I mean from that is you get a wizard like character at the end of the game but since she is a new character she has a set amount of experience she could use so I had to decide which was best even though I needed all of it. And to not go on an entire rant It ended with me getting stuck on a level because I didn't have enough magic spells because she didn't have enough experience. Anyways great game that is nostalgic but needs work