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The Open Bundle

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GET THE BUNDLE: http://www.commonly.cc
This post-copyright campaign ends soon, on July 15!

Pay What You Want for art & music from:
1. HalcyonicFalconX, musician of the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
2. Jimp, artist of the Sushi Cat series.
3. NutcaseNightmare, creator of the :The Game: series.
4. Stratkat, whose music was featured in Beat Hazard Ultra.
5. Kenney, artist of Armor Picross.
6. Mindchamber, artist of Newgrounds Rumble.

Furthermore, if we hit our goal of $10000, after the campaign ends on July 15, everything in the bundle will automatically be released to the public domain. You can, of course, still pay to get instant access to the bundle, rather than waiting, if you so choose.

This is an experiment.

No matter what happens, hopefully this will push more people to try funding our creative commons!


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The internet really is a Zoo isn’t it

It's called bullet heaven, not bullet hell.

This seems like a really good try for artists to help fund a way for information to be free! I wished I could of helped before it was extremely late.

I think that this is perfect.....and that the amount of people who uncopyright their art should stay in the minority. It's not a stupid thing to do. It's wonderful: other creative minds are allowed to take popular works and then modify them as they please. The not-so-wonderful part: money grubbing vultures will take said art and either make money off the original under the farce that it's their own, or modify it minutely to satisfy their consciousnesses, then take the profit. If only a moderate amount of people uncopyrighted their works, then there will be a pleasant balance.