Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

What would be a really nice idea is to open this up to other musicians/artists so that they can make their own humble bundle in the future, but again this is an experiment first.

The only issue with it that I can see is that people will still evade copyright so people can get copies for free, but it should be more of a motivation for those who want to make something more of it. I REALLY hope this works and, even better, becomes a common thing to do.

like Newgrounds: The Forsaken City everyone believes it is an awesome idea and i am sure everyone wants it but I am worried it will become just like that kickstarter and fail to reach the goal by the deadline
don't let this happen again we already lost one great kickstarter idea let's not lose another

incredible idea will enhance the work of artists, animators and programmers

Nice idea

total support i agree becasue you describe the world i want when i begin to bring my animations to newgrounds! im behind you all 100%