Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

"We're artists, not animals, dammit!" LOL Because beautiful creatures that aren't human artists deserve to be locked up?

Anyway. Wow, this is really creative. Very impressed. Well put together and easy on the eyes. The voice over is silly yet poised and dramatic and I like it. GOOD JOB! Very inspiring. I've favorited all of you. Create on!

You said Bullet Hell. The game is called Bullet Heaven.

So this is one of those fund-raising things huh? I would support this if I could since I'm someday going to be a game programmer or animator someday, but unfortunately I can't. These guys are great artists though :3

This is an amazing iniciative.

I only clicked this for Origami. The cranes aren't suppose to have spiked backs. They're suppose to be filled with air. It's folded the exact same way only you pull the wings and don't fold them down. Other than that, it's a good animation. I personally didn't enjoy it, but that doesn't stop the animation and context being good.

Nice work.