Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

Interesting way to sell your work. Must be tough being an artist.

Power to the people! And money to the people with more talent than me.

It's a wonderfully utopian idea and would be awesome if it was a reality, but it's not and never will be. It's based on the idea that humans are all one peace loving community, all living for the sole purpose of promoting others. Its like marxism, it looks good, sounds good(maybe even tastes good), but it will never work. Three for effort and cheesy voice acting though, nice job on that.

so if you reach your goal of 10 000, you will public all the work made until now? nice try, but I don't think that your work is worth 10 000 dollar. Know if you would publish everything your have made AND everything that your still making it could be considerable.

A way to sell your products to recoup costs? While the same time make the buyer feel like they are contributing to a cause. People there is no charity here, there is no revolution or drive to a goal. What is happening here is an experiment to see if placing products in a false scenario will sell them better. If the artists were really looking to push this idea forward they'd open all their works to the public and rely on commissions and donations from fans as their income. Instead we have a creative gall of a fake drive to a good idea. No one here will live to see the day when all information and entertainment is FREE and OPEN to the public, just like this false drive they are after a means to acquire money. If by chance this group has made their monies back from these works then why don't they champion this idea and just open it to the public? More attention would be generated by letting the public have at your works then placing this pseudo drive up to get more money for your works. In fact this makes you look worse as you all look like hypocrites. Why pick only certain works, why not all of it?

Don't get me wrong I'd love to see the day when all information and entertainment is free. But it'll never happen in my life time or anyone's for that matter. Instead you should be making a flash emphasizing to everyone that certain works are being opened to the public for FREE. This would net a lot of interest in the group that's saying "hey we don't need to keep our works copyrighted. We can still make a living through our artistic means". But no you came up with a clever way to resell your products, once you get your cash goal you'll move on to the next "FREE BUNDLE".

Scam cloaked as a good cause.

This music T-T makes me want to replay epic battle fantasy 3 for the ... 6th? 7th time?