Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

Jimp, I LOVE your elephant games! I also (finally) beat Loot: the game, making it so i hav beaten all of your elephant games. :) also, i have beaten all the :the game: games. And Mindchamber, I LOVED madness combat accelerant and newgrounds rumble. i really hope you guys make it to the $10,000 mark. GO MADNESS COMBAT!!!!

I don't make flash, music or games... But i would easily donate money if i had the money, All of you are great artists.

Its a good idea. But clearly you won't get money from people who do not make flash, music or games. I hope you reach your goal, but I do not find it feasible.

You had my Curiosity, but now you have my Attention.

I was originally going to give this no stars, but then I realized that even a con artist deserves credit, especially when his work is done in a unique manner. Don't get me wrong, I'm not insulting you as creators, I'm merely saddened, no disappointed with how you are trying to raise money for "worthy causes", which you forgot to mention was your own back pockets. I can understand the meaning behind the flash, obviously copyright these days can get out of hand, but there's a reason for it. It's not simply placed to build a wall between developers/artists and the community, it's there so those people can actually earn credit, respect and in the long run money for their creations which I'm sure they put a lot of love and effort into making. Also this is in no way a close comparison or a combination of Kickstarter and The Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle generates money for charity, as well as for itself and developers. Kickstarter enables inventors with amazing ideas to get them produced and put on the shelf. You are simply selling your merchandise with a false message, and once you've earned a fixed income you're giving it away. These are just my opinions, but reading through the reviews many others seem to think the same. I like everyone in this group, I just don't like what the group stands for.