Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

See, I'm a huge fan of everything here.

Here's my fear, though: The Source Code.

The game industry right now is struggling since we're being pushed down by all these identical puzzle games. I could load up WCK right now, draw some funny shapes, put a goal in the center of a bunch of blocks and boom: Puzzle game. Ready for release.

That's a problem.

Now I love your idea of releasing everything, but you might want to put the Source Code under some sort of disclaimer, which would ruin the point but might prevent people from simply copy + pasting into their own game without actually learning how to code their own stuff.

Otherwise, I am a huge supporter of what you guys are doing. In fact, I love it :D

awsome video . i apreciate it and mostly agree with your ideas i hope you succed in your campaingn

A worthy cause for some worthy artists
You can bet you'll get my money!

That is a good point!

I think that what you have done with this is a beautiful idea. I love to make music, games, and much more. I would love for this to become closer to a reality; thanks you for what you have done.