Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

But that is the same thing as you listed examples of... its just another form of it.

You make it sound like the $10,000 is going to go towards changing something. But you never actually say your going to change anything. If you get 10k you will give out the stuff you just sold for free. And thats it. the end. We made a difference. ... I think?

This is an insteresting idea, but i think that it's more an utopia than a really realizable thing.

really well done, and thanks for the heads up about this project def going to go and check it out!

Good animation and execution, this is a very powerful concept, I think this should be possible, although I think the artist may monitor what happens to his/her/their work. Maybe the source code should be allowed to only coders/copyrighted/permission from creator. So OP idea, needs moderation.

Half a star for effort.
Not worth 10,000$
This helps with nothing against copyrighting, it just seems like you are using people against all the copyright crap going on to scam people into paying you money..
"OMG internet is like a zoo now! Pay us 10,000$ to get stuff.."
I really don't get where you are going with this.
Only way I see this working would be "making the money before we release the videos, games, ext.. to the public" but they are already out there (other then the source code).
So I don't know I just don't see this as necessary at all and just a way to get money off people.