Reviews for "The Open Bundle"

A worthy cause for some worthy artists
You can bet you'll get my money!

People like you inspire me to continue to run against the grain. If everyone does the same thing all the time, we never make any progress, and things never get better. Thank you for what you're doing!

I really like the concept, but not all DRM is bad.
Valve is a great example of how DRM controls distribution of a product so the developers can afford to offer it cheaper. They also offer a great way to manage your purchases.
Then of course you have other publishers that just don't have enough money to drown in yet, and i asume thats what you're getting at.

decent animation, interesting narration, neat concept.

why not spreading this video on other sites like deviantart or youtube too?

Nice I like my Meals well Balance this is an Awesome Idea, cheese, why didn't i think of it?