Reviews for "The Open Bundle"


Im a little torn with the idea, the bundle your giving is decent and if people can choose WHAT they want to uncopyright then it would work, however this idea in general wouldnt work because people would be able to pay you or wait for other to pay them, then they can take your original free work, make an exact copy of it, and start selling, when originally you where the one that made it. And since its no longer copyrighted you wouldnt be able to do anything about it. However, the idea is good, it just needs a bit of work to be able to help the original creators while allowing others to work with their stuff, because once you get that 10 000, your not getting anymore, people will take it, possible make even more then 10 000 out of it from something you originaly tought of. and they could take ALL the credit for it. If this couldnt be prevented in some way, then yes, i would support this in any way i can. Since this would allow for the creators to get something out of it, keep the original credit for it, and also allow others to work on what they did and improve it. Great idea guys, i just think it needs a bit more work, Right now however, to start it off doing this you guys tought it trough pretty good, since your only giving away certain things, apperently even some never before seen stuff. I cant support it right now because 1 im not sure yet and 2 wouldnt be able too if i wanted to due to insufficient ammount of money however i am interested on how this works out. If it works out fine then go ahead. Of course my entire point againts it all matters on the original creators opinion, if he doesnt care that others are taking credit for what he did and getting money out of it then it doesnt harm anyone, its if copyright was removed for EVERYONE and then this could kinda start breaking apart. Hopefully it stays like how you guys did it and the people can choose to uncopyright their stuff if they wish for a price like this, making money out of their work and allowing others to expand on it.

That is a good point!

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