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Smoking Zombies

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10 times 5 Points

Survived 10 waves

Assault Excellence 5 Points

Coop shooter achieved highest level with assault rifles

Donkey Pieces 5 Points

Blew up a dead-alive donkey

Explosive Excellence 5 Points

Coop shooter achieved highest level with grenade launchers

Freeze! 5 Points

Killed all 3 carriers

Kill 1 5 Points

Killed 200 Zombies

Kill 2 5 Points

Killed 2000 Zombies

Kill 3 5 Points

Killed 5000 Zombies

LMG Excellence 5 Points

Coop shooter achieved highest level with lmgs

Multi 16 5 Points

Got a x16 Multiplier

Multi 5 5 Points

Got a x5 Multiplier

Multi 9 5 Points

Got a x9 Multiplier

Shotgun Excellence 5 Points

Coop shooter achieved highest level with shotguns

SMG Excellence 5 Points

Coop shooter achieved highest level with the smg

Sniper Excellence 5 Points

Coop shooter achieved highest level with rifles

Stop that vehicle! 0 Points

Killed the driver

Tuning in 5 Points

Leveled-up a weapon

20 x 10 Points

Survived 20 waves

Don't point that thing to me! 0 Points

Destroyed the first game boss

All cards 25 Points

Purchased all special weapons

Eye-patched survivor 25 Points

Finished the game as Zanardi

Red, Pink and blue 25 Points

Finished the game as Liza

Author Comments

You asked and here it is! Smoking Zombies, the third game on Pothead Zombies series, is now available on mobile devices!

The game as always: left mouse to shoot. Try to match some good explosion combos with un-dead donkeys!

This is a demo-version, with half the waves and half the weapon upgrades. Not bad for a demo!

App store:

Google Play:

This game would not be made without the strength from you guys. Our very thanks!

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not even gonna try to figure out how to get the coop medals. max upgrading the weapon doesent work

the main problem with this game (beside being messily done and being the worst part of the series) are medals. some of them are broken, other have retarded requirements to achieve. mainly "have co-op max the level of weapon". The only time you did it right was pothead zombies 1. the sequel was already awful in that regard, and here, here I don't even know how many there are level ups, because there is no info anywhere. there are of course other problems with that game, like ridiculous upgrades, but I'm too tired to write it down. all in all this "demo" feels like an unnecessary addition.

unfortunately not the full version, but it is good

simply addicting.. I want that new gun.. I want to upgrade my ammo..
and inspiring.. one day if I ever find the time I'd like to take my own shot at this genre.
so you have an inspired an old man! thank you.

im sad that its for mobile devices..ill never get to play the full version...
and haveing just played 1 and 2 im really disappointed that you would make the best one unplayable
..not everyone has a smart phone or tab...
but the game itself is great

leonardozimbres responds:

The effort was to port Pothead Zombies 2 to mobile devices, but with a twist, to use some features of the mobile thing. But thanks for your feedback!