Reviews for "Smoking Zombies"

This is a really well made game. i feel like i honestly have to earn all the things you need to buy. I also like how i don't need to achievement hunt, because i figure it out on my own. i do wish that my partner would use his f***ing gun though -_-' all in all its a good game

it isn't giving me the achievements when I earn them.

This game has a lot of potential. But for whatever reason you decided to only put a demo here when the site provides dozens of other defense games that offer 10x the amount of content.

If you want to make this game into something good, you should add some more content, and upload the full version as well. Base upgrades would be nice and blood stains on the ground from the dead zombies. You also need to make the enemies get consistently stronger. If I can head shot the supposed stronger enemies with the base level rifle, then the game just got to easy.

Overall the game us fun, but needs a lot more. More boss battle and everything. The art is good, just more content is needed.

To lvl the gun upgrade ammo count.

Kinda Boring. Really Repetitive. I've seen 100% free games with over 6X the content. I like that head shots are rewarded. I don't like that literally every shot I make is a head shot.

I take it that this game was designed to teach us that Zombie Jesus smokes weed.
... Sounds accurate enough.