Reviews for "Smoking Zombies"

yet another flash game demo (this is why i hate games released by fizzy games, they always post demos on websites and seldom full games despite them all being flash games).

also, (the dudes 3rd weapon) 2.5k for a gun that, after 5-8 shots, has a accuracy so low that your lucky to hit anything at all? who came up with that idea? may as well make it aim backwards.

kinda fun. but do you really have to pay to get the full version? i hardly think its worth it. and the music is kinda irritating.

Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got to pay for the real version

The mobile app version might be better, but this is a step backwards from the first two Pothead Zombies. The buyable weapons are not much better than the basic ones and the upgrades do very little, especially compared to their pretty high prices. In spite of this the game is actually not very hard but it gets pretty boring becouse of the lack of variety, and it doesn't seem to have an end like the previous two had.

so.... smoking pot turns you into a zombie?

leonardozimbres responds:

Sure, did you mother not warn you about that? At least you will be a funny zombie.