Reviews for "Smoking Zombies"

It's a pretty good game. However, the mines are pretty useless for one thing they are pretty damn expensive. I mean one mine is worth $1000, and once a zombie blows it up it's gone pretty big rip off if you ask me. Either reduce the price to like $100 or take them out, and put something else in to replace it. Something that is actually worth spending 1000 on and is gonna be more effective one the Zombies. This is the only problem I have with the game other than that great job on the game.

if u like this game then you should play the game on my account if you don't play it then you are adopted and god hates you and you are a waste of space and bananas thibk you are lame

Pretty good third game! I hope the full game gets put here soon!

i like the concept of the hippie zombies and the donkey bomb kamekazi and all the music but that main characters looks more generic than Ratched and clank

I just realized these aren't flesh eating zombies but more of zombies that smoke Marijuana which is pretty funny.. over all the game is great and fair