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Start/Restart/Jump: Space Bar

A game made for Ludum Dare #26. The theme was Minimalism.

We tried to make an entire game using only 1 button (space) and a very limited colour palette.

If you're having game breaking issues (freezing, etc.) with RUNNERIST you should try updating your Flash Player, that seems to help the few people we know with similar issues.

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great game with a small cute guy who can't help but crash into walls makes you go crazy (/ ' - ')/

It's really addicting. But would you mind putting something that can mute the music or either pause button for it?

bumblebirds responds:

Sorry about that, I understand it's a little frustrating. I didn't add those features in the first place simply because we ran out of time. I really was coding right down to the deadline. I'll consider adding them in the future, but there's a lot on my plate with other projects at the moment. I'm sure you understand.

For now, if you're running Windows 7 or above you could always use the Volume Mixer to mute only your browser. I know this isn't a perfect solution, I don't even know that you're running Windows, but I hope it helps anyway.

Why does he die by touching side of a wall? Game should be re-titled "Left Wall of Death"
Srsly though, he always feels like he doesn't quite fall fast enough or sometimes falls too fast. Feels like I should just try to keep him at the middle of the screen, but a few things caught me by surprise like he can't seem to jump higher than the border making his jump shorter than planned, all of that just to say the timing is really annoying.

Its very, no, EXTREMELY annoying. Jump physics are a bit off, you have to hit the jump button at the EXACT point or you crash. You might of well have made this into a reaction game where you press 'space' when it tells you to press 'space'!

Good idea, but fail in application. Music and graphics are fine, but like all games I've reviewed so far in the 'Lundum Dare'- playability = terrible-fun. Shame really because this looked good...until you start playing!

all about memorizing obstacle patterns, not a high star game