Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

2-3 secs. Hate my mongoly space bar SO MUCH

maybe you should add checkpoint each 30 second

Was not fun at all.

Nothing new to this type of game except the reversing every so often. Major gameplay flaws make the game bad.

-Horrible hitboxes. I found myself dying even though i just cleared the object
-Unresponsive controls Jump button doesn't respond all the time and many times you'll hit it only to see you're guy keep running and hit the object
-Obstacles are to close. Jump a little late and you've screwed yourself into death by an obstacle off screen
-Obstacles are too high. Jump too soon and you'll bounce off the ceiling and die. Jump you late and you'll either jump clear over the second platform and die or the unresponsive controls will have you run right off the edge.

Horrible hitboxes nothing new