Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

Nice game(but really hard), after trying hard i made it to the number 1 :D

how did you reverse the music? i want to know, would be an awesome song to dowload.

Despite what these others have said... I say five stars!
fixed jump height, width? I say it only makes the challenge ever greater! Sure it may have simply been time and challenge constraints, but regardless, I see them as creating a difficult game, while keeping the absolute minimum depth.
This is an arcade style game. It allows us to get a grasp of the mechanics, and then to reduce boredom, it does whatever it can to kill us. With the short reload times, it definitely had restarts in it's development thoughts; speed IS a point of this game, after all.
Music is heavy on the nostalgia (again, this may simply be due to time and challenge constraints), but it ties in well with the arcade-style difficulty curve and overall feel.
Flipping the screen after a certain amount of time is a great idea, as it challenges again, but is not near impossible. With the right amount of skill, it is simply another hurdle to jump (pun intended).
Challenge divided by depth is the real way to measure the greatness of this game, and this game definitely keeps with the LD26 theme of minimalism, while offering an intensely gratifying game.
5 stars.

The Ludum Dare is really producing some shockers.

Nice. It Always freezes at the 0:12.700 mark, when I fill the bar...

bumblebirds responds:

Sounds like you might need to update your Flash Player.
Friends of ours have have this problem before, that seemed to fix it.