Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

could be better it is very glitchy. the guy disappears for like 10 seconds

Good running game!)

holy fuckz, teh screen fliped!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!1111!!!!!!one 1!!!!!

I can't bring myself to like these kinds of games, I just can't. Too frustrating, and the whole idea behind them is to memorize the upcoming patterns :/

Anyway, thought I'd help out with some constructive criticism anyway: your game is bugged. If you start a run and scroll your screen down, your runner won't die and the timer 'll keep running. I'm prejudiced to think that's how the high scores got filled in.

bumblebirds responds:

Hmm, not able to recreate that here.. mind sending us a message with some more details?
I don't know about the guys at the very top of the leaderboard, but I've seen legit runs of nearly 4 minutes.

Did this game hate my spacebar?