Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

Dude its just no good. I forced myself to play longer to find out why it got three stars but i found nothing. It runs smooth so you get half a star, but the design so terrible. Very minimalist indeed but how about at least variable jump height depending on how long you hold jump? Sorry I just find it terrible and would rather play a game like tetris if I wanted a good minimalism game.

I don't think some of the people here get the point in this game. It's minimalism at it's best in my opinion. A simple run and jump game that requires you to get acquainted with the different stages of the level before you can get any good.

To those who are complaining about this game; yes, if you hit the wall it's your own fault. I have yet to see a bug with this game as everything seems to be intended and considering that this is a game with a limited palette and one key that is a pretty sweet deal.

To the guy saying the controls should be explained beforehand... really? Did you not read the Author Comments?

All in all, I was hooked for a good half hour before finally giving up having managed to get 9th for the day (at the time). The scoreboard really helps the replay value and the fact that the music doesn't start from the same spot every time increases it's enjoyability factor. I liked this game a lot.

Hard as hell. Well, maybe its just me being a bit dumb and slow, i dunno... *drool*
Still, art and animation is smooth and generally well-made, but i absolutely hate it when music starts at random place every time the screenie-guy dies!

Dude, next time you post a game like this tell what the Controls are!

Pretty bad, pretty darn bad.

Novel concept that really does nothing new for the genre. Seriously, why run on the ceiling in a violently eye-unfriendly color scheme. Seriously baby-blue and white while in motion. That's eyestrain waiting to happen. Also some of the formations make the game not hard but simply impossible. If I had thought it was deliberate you'd get nothing, but it's just more bad random generation than anything else.

There's no real motivation to keep playing, your physics are not tight, there are some issues with hit detection. Also him hitting his head on the ceiling can make the jumps from high platforms means you're taking a one-way trip to wall-ville.

The music is good, but like all these other games you only pick one freaking song. The fifth time restarting it's irritating, the twentieth you just want to punch the screen.