Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

I will give it to you straight: The two stars are for : "it's note a joke but a seriously meant game" and "you have created a working game in a very limited timespan"
Other than that every aspect of this game frustrates me: The uniform jumping height and weidth is making precise navigation near impossible. Combined with a bad response a cruel hitframe and obstacles that approach quickly and give very limited information on the ideal jumppath the difficulty is beyond of what I could imagine anyone could enjoy. Timing the obstacles is impossible unless you recognize them by the first few centimetres that pop on your screen i.e. how far you go is only by a too small part determined by your reflexes and instead by grinding repitition and learning the patterns. Flipping the screen upside down after a handful of obstacles completly disturbs the recognition you have gained for the form of the obstacles meaning that after you have finally learned the patterns enough to survive about thirty seconds you will immideatly have to learn the same amount of patterns to survive the 30 seconds after combined with the additional confusion of having the jump direction inverted making the timespan required to survive significantly longer than you spend with being annoyed about your death improfitable. I conclude
- "Lazy" controls
- Unresponsiveness
- Insane difficulty
- Pattern grinding instead of skill building
- Unforgiving learning curve
--> 2/5

It's not like you can time the jumps accurately, because you can't judge the next obstacle at all. Either its an over-jump or you jump too early. Only way to get anywhere is through A LOT of luck and pretty much trial and error. zzz

It was addicitive for 3 minutes but it just wasn't fleshed out enough. Maybe if you added power-ups?

Cool! I just think you could have add more stages/power ups.