Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

the same day i played this is the same day the all record was posted probably cause this is a young game but yes very addictive
after an hour of playing the screen change and upside-down-iness still catches me off guard even though i know what triggers it smooth animation low lag 4.5/5 -0.5 for lack of originality

In the tags u wrote "addictive", u have no idea how correct u are. I started playing at 5:45ish(american central time) and didnt stop untill 6:30... u sir have succesfully created a great game that makes the player want to keep on going and going. My best time, 00:01:12.86

very unresponsive, several times i would try n jump between 2 obstacles either ide try and jump and it wouldnt respond and ide fall in between them and lose, or jump from the very edge and make it just short, even if i fell between them and instantly jumped ide hit the obstacle

The hitboxes got a little weird in the game, but it was alright besides that. Better than I could do.

The game is extremely unresponsive.