Reviews for "RUNNERIST"

it's nothing new. run away from this game i'd say. the game works fine for me, it's just very badly designed. counter intuitive, no learning curve, etc. there's other games like this that succeed way more.

Decent, smooth, straight to the point. No explanation, extremely difficult, and despite it being sucked in to a tiny version of it self with one button which is a good feat, it is just not enough. Not my kind of game, though the rating is due to the frustration of the game play being too quick to not enjoy.

I think the difficulty curve would lessen if you didn't expect people to rebound off the ceiling under the guise of making a jump.

doesn't work. i just have the timer (working) and the character standing around.
even jump doesn't work. At least it's Minimalism :-)

Highest score 15 seconds.....and the jump is unresponsive 90% of the time