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Pharmacy, medicine, life, death, zombies, apples, high art, all in one continuous stream of thoughts. Apparently it is too wide for Newgrounds by 20 pixels. What time is it over there?


I thought this was fantastic. The style of drawing is a favorite of mine; it's not super fancy but it's detailed enough. The music was pretty good too. I don't think you were trying to make this anymore than it was. Simply good stuff.

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I rely don wan to say this...but I have to now. This flash is so ssey! I don't understand it. Maybe it should have more explanation in da story.

genius you are a artist you capered this mans life all in one flash awesome

i just cannot seem to grasp the concept of this. it seemed to me like all of the scenes in this cartoon were random, i just couldnt understand any of it.

Ok so... if a story is boring at first.. then most people won't read it to the end.
This was.. really boring and confusing at first. Sorry, but the message was hard to get. Strange stuff, and it was.. uninteresting.
Idk why i watched it all.

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3.94 / 5.00

May 4, 2012
10:39 AM EDT