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Reviews for "Made In China"

I dunno what the hell that was but I loved every second of it :) Was really good, I liked your drawings & the images being presented, the randomness & the music made it a real thrill. I also liked how you only used black, white & greys, the grey backgrounds also got seriously good as it went on. Keep up the good work :)

I feel that the lacking of superior animation and technicality actually added to this piece, because the beauty of it was not supposed to come from the visual prospective. Looks can be deceiving.

This movie's main strength actually came from how simply thought-provoking it could be, and the series of images it presented . Am I a rat destined to only add a small piece of information to the world and then pass on? Get tossed aside? It gives perspective on how insignificant one human life really can be. These puzzle pieces however, all fit together in some way. They mutually benefit and destroy one another with their presence and actions. The world could not be the way it is without them, and even the loss of one. No matter how apparently insignificant in the eyes of an entire galaxy, or universe. Is. . . for lack of a better term: Sacred.

In the end there is nothing we can do to avoid becoming a piece of the puzzle. The longer we remain in-hand, being interconnected to different puzzle pieces however; allows us more time to find just the perfect place where we fit in. Some aren't as lucky as others, but they should be allowed their chance to find their place no matter the size or span of the universe. I hope that one day my place will be revealed to me.

The silly thing about that dream though is that I have to make my own.

I'd love to see more of your work. Never stop animating.

peef2 responds:

are you really 18? your thoughts seems to be that of someone much wiser. thank you very much.

I don't know much about your work but I'm fairly certain most background art is clearly traced over and that is plain unacceptable under artistic terms. The animation quality was also significantly poor.

In other thoughts, it is intriguing the day-to-day mindsetting of med-students and patients alike, and the short film sort of represents those feelings through an artistic endeavor. I saw your blog you've advertised at the end and it is plain vital for understanding the movie, all in all it is pretty deep and I enjoyed it.

I'll advise you so you focus more on improving your art-style so your "everything" is slightly more clear and more pleasant to stare at. Greetings from Brazil.

peef2 responds:

thank you for your comment. i'm glad you enjoyed my blog; hopefully it allows you to understand more.

yes it is true, some of the background is traced, but i don't agree with your statement that this makes it any less of an "art". like one who is making a film movie, i must first do location scouting before i can start. due to funds and other practical factors, i am limited to the internet. even with limitations, the scenery was still carefully selected. in the case of a film, they are just photographing and "tracing" over reality and converting it into the medium they are presenting their work. for me, i am tracing over and reducing my selections down to 2 colors (or 1 color, depending on your definition of color), which i believe takes quite some effort, as you lose ability to contrast things through saturation, as well as hue. i hope you understand. it may not appeal to you and that is fine with me, but i don't think it is "unacceptable" for art. have you ever seen an andy warhol painting?

i thpught it portrayed anger and confusion towards the current (or possibly just western) medical system

and from my experiences i can relate greatly to this movie, im only 17 and have been diagnosed for 3 slipped disks this devestated me and my bodybuilding career only to find out i really didnt have anything and not much to worry about though i am far too confused to understand whats going on with my spine. i just ignore the pain and continue weight lifting.

5:30 pm

This was a great piece. It's difficult to be able to tell a story without words but you were able to successfully tell one today. The amount of detail used in your backgrounds mixed with the music was great.