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Reviews for "Made In China"

A wonderful mish-mash of brilliant elements. From the reference to schrodinger's cat, to the bountiful subtle overtones suggesting ambivalence to given circumstance- this is rather wonderful. The animation style is fantastic and definitely boasts of the effort you put into this animation. I love the scenery amongst other things.

The music fits rather well needless to be said.

Keep up the excellence,

It is fantastic! Btw The cat is dead and alive it has a 50% chnce of being a live and another 50% of being dead

half a star just because of the music, next time you try to make some weird flash animation try another drawing style


I thought this was fantastic. The style of drawing is a favorite of mine; it's not super fancy but it's detailed enough. The music was pretty good too. I don't think you were trying to make this anymore than it was. Simply good stuff.