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Reviews for "Made In China"

I do not really understand the meaning of the movie, but I like it.

a lot of stuff happened... cool. ever seen that weird short film 'un chien andalou' ? this reminded me alot of that, lots of nonsensical things happening with no intended purpose or meaning. despite having no meaning or form, it was entertaining. all the doctor stuff creeped me out a bit, but overall not bad.

what the jesus you tryng to mind wash us?

A clusterfuck of random scenes. Tries too hard to give the impression that it is relaying a message which obviously isn't there, with various flashing images and an eerie atmosphere. This will get a lot of the younger members of this site to think "Wow, this is DEEP!" but any person who has seen flash animations for a few years is going to call bullshit on this, as this has been done way too many times by now.
That aside, the animation was fantastic and it actually had me watching all the way through. Furthermore you did a fantastic job at setting the atmosphere using quite simple means. I am giving you a 3.5/5 for an animation that is close to perfection, but offers no real content of any kind.

Interesting stuff... ...Interesting style... ..Simple detailed to the max... cool...
It's too much of the same though.. Some effects need a bit more work... but the perspective drawings, the style, the originality, and the detailing were amazing... So yeah I can't blame this just for the low quality effects only, knowing how much work everything else has... Nice work*.