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Reviews for "Made In China"

Amazing! Thats about all i can say at the moment...

Amazing just wow, you are an amazing artist here, but you see i am very intellectual I understood basically what the story plot was the point of all the art and schrodingers cat but will someone please explain to me why they explained his surgery. And by the way amazing flash and great music choice.

its like i can handle with myself, taking care of myself, no eating too much junkfoods, avoid death, think positiv and being aware of everything.
now this animation spoke to me.
the animation is pretty fine and beautiful music selection.
Well done =)

A Starry night, The Scream, and you have even managed to include the theory of shrodingers cat all to explain the guys upcoming surgery. Very nice and very smart.

0000.0000 ................. WTC JUST HAPPEND!!!!!!!!!!! i dont understand :'(