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Reviews for "Made In China"

dude, i L O V E it.
this was the first video i watched as i discovered this site, watched a whole bunch since, all time greatest etc. but none of them topped what u did here.
amazing, and awsome.
cinematography, art, style its all 5/5.
hope u release more of this kinda stuff.

Is this somekinda reflection(of ur own thoughts) to the way the Chinese people feel abt their mainland?

Its kind of random but its pretty good.

Was this like the chronology of a dream or something? Idk, it was interesting, dont see why its labeled "Made in china". Lackluster anitmation, and basic music leave with the score is all. At least you didnt make something long and complicated for no point. Btw, when you uploaded this, it was 7:39AM Pacific Time,

good art and back grounds, but i didn't get the point of it