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Reviews for "Made In China"

The art is brilliant! The animation needs more refining though. It was slow on some parts too but I thought it matches the phase of the music. Honestly, I liked the plot, somewhat abstract. Although there were parts that you could have done with a better delivery. The music is very good. I say the plot described the music well, just like a stream of thoughts. Overall, a nice and refreshing film. 4/5

Hey alright.

I actually liked this, contray to most others it seems.

I think I got the message, or at least, made one up out of the images shown to me. Music was neat, adding a nice dramatic effect.

Obviously not intending to be the most graphically superior flash, I believe the charm lies in what you make of the plot.

Good work, I enjoyed it.

Author: I really don't understand why you did this. I'm not saying I don't understand the movie, just the reason for it's existence. I also don't understand the difference between "pharmacy" and "art" in your explanation, nor where in this movie "high art" is referenced. I thought the music overshadowed the film, and the juxtaposition of an aimless movie against a purposeful score was ineffective and highlighted the wandering arbitrariness of the film.

Viewers: This is not an homage or a deep statement, the author himself states in his own summary that it is only "a continuous stream of thoughts". Imagine this film without the music, or with any non-symphonic music - amateur cartoon artists constantly use orchestral music to add epic connotations to films without epic content.

wtf. now give me back my time.

its was good, an homage to clasice movies, something you have to look into to get. but one thing i dont get is why its called "Made in china"

i got it, not sure if other people did though