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Reviews for "Made In China"

I rely don wan to say this...but I have to now. This flash is so ssey! I don't understand it. Maybe it should have more explanation in da story.

genius you are a artist you capered this mans life all in one flash awesome

i just cannot seem to grasp the concept of this. it seemed to me like all of the scenes in this cartoon were random, i just couldnt understand any of it.

Ok so... if a story is boring at first.. then most people won't read it to the end.
This was.. really boring and confusing at first. Sorry, but the message was hard to get. Strange stuff, and it was.. uninteresting.
Idk why i watched it all.

animation was okay, plot was a bit befuddling but i think i got the point. the music was just stupendous and sublime and made this review jump a few stars. your drawings were amazing at some points and horrifying in others. it would be nice to have some color but i'm sure your theme was to keep it simple, black and white and easy. very decent work, but you could improve in some areas. like animation, color, faster film and drawing. but besides all that i think you did a wonderful job.