Talesworth Adventure Ep 2

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Better Him Than Me 5 Points

Send an enemy hurtling down a pit

Cap and Diploma 5 Points

Complete Adventurer's Training and go forth into Talesworth

Freeclimber 10 Points

Obtain the Ivory Tooth artifact from the Mountains

Golden Acorn 10 Points

Complete 4 forest rooms with a Gold score

In the Foothills 10 Points

Complete 4 mountain rooms with a Gold score

Paragon Path 10 Points

Complete a room with less tools than Gold requires

Rock Miner 10 Points

Collect 17 gems

Spelunking Spree 10 Points

Obtain the Diamond artifact from the Caves

Tree Hugger 10 Points

Obtain the Ebon Horn artifact from the Forest

Troll Stomping 10 Points

Complete 4 cave rooms with a Gold score

Brain Fry 25 Points

Complete all the Bonus Rooms

Epic Ranger 25 Points

Complete all the forest rooms with a Gold score

Gimme Gimme 25 Points

Collect all 34 gems

Cave King 50 Points

Complete all the cave rooms with a Gold score

Mountaineer 50 Points

Complete all the mountain rooms with a Gold score

Questy FTW 50 Points

Destroy Boneyard, make Questy rich, and save Talesworth!

Skilled Cleric 50 Points

Complete 4 catacomb rooms with a Gold score

Crypt Keeper 100 Points

Complete all the catacomb rooms with a Gold score

Author Comments

Talesworth Kingdom has been overrun by Boneyard's evil minions. You have been tasked to guide Questy, our brave (and dim-witted) hero, through 40 challenging levels in this unique puzzle adventure. Find all three ancient artifacts and discover the secret entrance to Boneyard's lair!

Sound is a 3-way toggle to control music, sound effects, and mute all.

Questy's speed can be increased with the speed button in the sidebar with the >> symbols. Get your complete adventurer training in-game.

Game auto-saves.

See my other games, and more information on the Kingdom of Talesworth, at Talesworth.com


I would love to see a sequel, and this concept still has so many possibilities open to it;

What I would love to see:

:::Timing puzzles (some were present in this one, but I mean having items that slow/speed whatever picks it up)

:::Multiple characters with teamwork (with dozens of possibilities here, each could be lured by separate objects or have a special trap-negating quality that you need to use ect ect, so much potential here)

What I personally like about this is how it reminds me of redstone wiring in minecraft, you have a small ammount of tools you need to use optimally in order to make more complex logic structures and those are the kind of puzzles that I love

Great game, both artwork and music fit well and did not dissapoint, really hoping for a sequel ;)

jinxology responds:

Yes! I actually had 4 characters in my original design, your standard archetypes (mage, thief, cleric, fighter). I had them each working towards the center, eventually meeting up. Each had their own special abilities (mage could float over pits, thief could disarm arrow traps, etc). I may revisit this if I do end up with a 3rd sequel, but I'm thinking "space game" right now :)

there is a glithc thats ruined the game for me, after the tutorial i get asked if i want to start a new game. regardless of what i choose i cant continue so i can only play the tutorial

this is an old game, it is not so original, but it is still fun to play for a short time.

jinxology responds:

This game launched in April of 2012. You may be thinking of episode 1, which I launched here in 2010.

i like this game, but i cant get past the he had it coming bit :( i can get the key but i but then i get stuck in a loop. help please? x

For something that wasn't Pico-related, this turned out to be really good. It was great how there were so many things to learn and you learned to do it at a great pace. I haven't even advanced past the tutorial and I already feel like I've played a full game! It's great how you can just set things off once and see how it goes. You always have to fail before you finally succeed. The animation/graphics are great too.

The music is fairly decent too. I probably have played the original version of this, as I have played nearly every game out there, you know. I like how there's so many little things going on and how they're all important to the game. It's nice when you know someone has put fine detail in a game. It's fun to play.

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4.12 / 5.00

May 1, 2012
2:11 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other