Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

I had an amazing time with this game, but I wanted to know which levels it was possible to achieve platinum on, I believe I got one. How many are possible though?

Big fan of the first one, I had no idea how long to expect waiting for the second--or if there was to be a second. I'm delighted you worked so hard and came up with some new ideas, decorating the adventure with story elements. The puzzles are a challenge, especially when it comes to trimming the fat and trying to get the gold stars. Though i've only finished the forest before writing my review, i'm looking forward to completing the rest of the game.

Absolutely loved it!
The music was absolutely fitting.The graphics were very well-done and the gameplay was addicitve and hard.It really kept me playing for hours.But I would suggest adding a skip button at the intros( I actually mean the picture parts which retold the story).The reason I would like to see a skip button it's because they were very laggy for me.

P.S:Maybe make a walkthrough about this?I'm really stuck at the Mountain Horror.(aiming for gold).

All in all,well done.You have my 5's on this one ! :)

Quite fun, and the simple gameplay really functions well :))

I would love to see a sequel, and this concept still has so many possibilities open to it;

What I would love to see:

:::Timing puzzles (some were present in this one, but I mean having items that slow/speed whatever picks it up)

:::Multiple characters with teamwork (with dozens of possibilities here, each could be lured by separate objects or have a special trap-negating quality that you need to use ect ect, so much potential here)

What I personally like about this is how it reminds me of redstone wiring in minecraft, you have a small ammount of tools you need to use optimally in order to make more complex logic structures and those are the kind of puzzles that I love

Great game, both artwork and music fit well and did not dissapoint, really hoping for a sequel ;)

jinxology responds:

Yes! I actually had 4 characters in my original design, your standard archetypes (mage, thief, cleric, fighter). I had them each working towards the center, eventually meeting up. Each had their own special abilities (mage could float over pits, thief could disarm arrow traps, etc). I may revisit this if I do end up with a 3rd sequel, but I'm thinking "space game" right now :)