Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

I had an amazing time with this game, but I wanted to know which levels it was possible to achieve platinum on, I believe I got one. How many are possible though?

Amazing game it is. One of the few which chains me to the screen for longer time. Thou i think making a walkthrough would be one more great add to this game. Personally i have stuck on one map which i cant figure out anyhow. I really want to finish game but dont have a clue how to solve that room.

At last! There's been some pretty awful stuff on the front page lately and this fun (and funny) little game was a welcome break from that nonsense! Good humour, nice graphics, interesting puzzles, about the right length and with a good set of medals!

A hint system might be nice (walkthroughs normally just give the whole answer away, it's a dull end for that 1 room you're stuck on) and sometimes I didn't get gold because I had TOO MANY items left over, which seems a bit silly.

Generally I loved it though. Funny concept wonderfully implemented and extra points for not calling your wyvern a dragon!

Great puzzle solving game, simple to understand yet challenging, effective interface for ease of play and good use of achievments... suitably impressed
Look forward to future releases.

*To Hare Trinity: The TOO MANY items left over actually gave you a platinum medal instead of the gold

on that note, is it actually possible to achieve a platinum in ALL levels?

Amazing work, jinxology! 5 stars!