Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

I found a bug.
In level "line of sight" used 1 grate (leaving me with 2 money and 1 grate) and I still got gold medal.

Platinum medals are most like just a game desingers gifts for those who compleate levels better than programmer did. But as said in other reviews it may be frustrating to try get a platinum medal on level where it's not possible. So either but some marker on level to tell you can get one or even better make it possible in every level.

Also you could add super speed to run (or make current speed little higher). This might be just my PC but even on faster speed it took a long time to compleate some levels where there was lot of traveling.

And last thing. Put skip option to cut scenes. I loved them but when I saw that wyvern thing like 15 time (that was a hard gold) it became frustrating.

Love it, completed all on gold/platinum and people saying its easy should try to get max medals on every level. One criticism i would make is to let people know how many platinum medals there are in total so they can hunt around and try to get them all: gives completionists like me something else to do :)
Other than that its a great game and does everything that its supposed to, the mark of a truely well thought out game is having someone (me) playing it till 4am...

This. Game. Is. Epic!
I love puzzles, and this one really has me for 2 days now. Its quick, fun and challenging as hell. Stuck on "The alchemy lab" as I guess most people are. Really good level design and good variety of traps and stuff to lay around.
Just a question... How many platinums are posible? I have 9. 1 in the forest, 5 in the cave, 2 in the mountain and 1 in the catacomb... :3
If there's a sequel, I cannot think of any new addition to make except explosives of some sort. Those are always fun, and breakable walls to make new passages are always a blast! (pun intended)

Anyways, great game! Bug free!(as far as my gaming experience went)
Keep up the good work and hope to see another one soon!


this game is one of the best and challenging puzzle games on newground. you can beat the game easy if you just try to get bronz but the point is being better and getting gold or even platin. this game is really addiciting to me, everbody says "its easy" i dont think so but maybe they are really intelligent, this is now my 3rd day that i play this game and i have 4 platin 28 gold and just 1 silver. the one and last level im trying to do gold is "THE TREASURE CHAMBER" i dont know why im failing on this i know that some levels are harder but i give my best to get that too, and even if i get it gold the challenge goes on trying to get more platin, in that way is this game very very good, its a really long quest, i loved the first part and im happy that the second part is even better, thanks for this game and the first one i hope you make a third part.

Really fun, your game has a good atmosphere! But, it's kinda easy... make another one, but harder!

jinxology responds:

That's impressive if this is too easy, I've actually ramped DOWN the difficulty on many rooms. Go for the gold rating, that's the difficulty the game was intended to have. Glad you're enjoying it :)