Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

Nice! My brain is tired, I'll come back and finish it later.
Personality quirk: I never get silver stars.

Loved it, the quizes where great fun and main character

Just like Mufanza below says,...I've waited so long for part 2!
Problem is I'm was almost through it and somebody deleted browser history and now I can't 'continue game'. I still have all the medals but no game history, is there any way to solve that?

My first time playing something like this, no regrets! It's awesome! Love the graphics, the sound, the stars score system thingy! Everything is superb! Some levels made my brain hurt a little, but it was totally worth it!!

AAAAAAaaaah I've waited so long for ep. 2 to come out! And it certainly didn't dissapoint!
New graphics and locations are stylish! (although I miss the dungeon setting). New mechanics are witty and star rating sets the difficulty to be adequate for everyone!
I haven't finished the whole game yet and I already can't wait for ep. 3 to come out :D
Great job you guys did with this game, seriously you won all my stars!

There's just one issue I stumbled upon so far: You get the Golden Star when you finish a level with "these tools left". You should make it so it's with "at least these tools left"
For example, when I finished "Uh oh, no loot bags..." I had 3 one-way gates left and got only silver star. I had to play the level again and place the gate to a random pointless spot in order to get the Golden one.

jinxology responds:

You probably got a platinum star on that level if you had more tools leftover, rather than a silver. Glad you are enjoying it :D