Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

Time consuming, addictive game play, simple mechanics, good story along with it, good amount of medals to collect, well worth playing thanks also for a great game.

Wonderful just wonderful this game brings a whole new meaning to fun!

I really like how the game is simple and looks simple. Reminds me of one an old ms dos game I've played in the past.

The puzzle is interesting as well and its fun to play and think with. Good stuff!!!

Death loves this games

First of all, I havn't played the whole thing through so this is a review on my initial thoughts of it.

I like puzzle games but this hasn't really caught my fancy. However I think the level designs are good and use of extra items (blocks, cages etc.) in the mazes are inventive. I think I might have lost interest because I have to watch as he walks through the maze (lack of patience).
Im not saying change it but just that it apeals more to people in a patient state of mind. This could be a good game for someone updating World of Warcraft or some adventure game.

I like it and may play through it later on but for now there are other more exciting options for games.
Music could entail be more daring and add to the dangerous part (scare me please). As the music is, it is helps my boredom along.

Hope my word are to some use and thanks for letting me try it.