Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

On a few other site this game was rated low to mediocre and its pretty obvious. I still don't understand why its rated good on here, but, oh well.

Its bad (In my opinion) because for the first 10 levels nothing happens, its the same basic easy "puzzle" being thrown at you but in slightly different ways. It literally takes less the a minuet to figure them out, even a little kid could beat this game.

Which makes playing it kinda pointless, no challenge = boredom. Boredom = lack of interest. Lack of interest = can't be arsed to play this game.

jinxology responds:

I'd recommend completing the game without a walkthrough before you decide if it's too easy. Tutorials (the first 7 levels) are always easy, they're meant to instruct. The primary criticism I've seen is that it's too hard, usually from the younger kids.

It was an improvement upon the first in a few areas, but I felt that it could have done with a little more. There were a few new features added such as the meat and pushing blocks, but these only appeared in a few levels. Without a larger number of things to place on the map there still wasn't much of a challenge once you'd figured out the mechanics. The game felt too similar to the first, so it still felt like just playing the same levels over again but with a different layout. It wasn't as bad this time round as there was a little more variety between the levels, but it still felt limited.

The first thing I noticed was the change of graphics. It wasn't slight, but vastly different. I had no problems with the graphics in the previous game, but it's always nice to see some more effort put into this area and you didn't disappoint here. It seemed a shame that Questy didn't swing the weapons though like he did with the axe in the previous game. It didn't seem right him just walking into them enemies and them dying.

I liked how every time you introduced a new element you gave an explanation as to how it worked, this was something I felt you overlooked in the first game. However, I might be wrong but I think you overlooked explaining how the metal switches/buttons worked? I was able to work it out myself, but an explanation would still have been helpful just in case someone playing was unable to.

The music seemed very fitting for the forest levels, but not so much the other areas, particularly in the final area. I think a different piece of music for each different area would have been a nice touch. I was pleased to see that the sound volume was higher this time round, as it was too quiet in the first.

The story in-between the areas was also a very nice addition. It may have been short and featured little animation, but I liked the story book feel and I didn't think it was necessary for you to go overboard with trying to wow the audience here. I didn't think this was something that was missing from the previous game, but after seeing it here I can see how much more enjoyable this game was for its inclusion. Taking down a big boss in each area was also a nice little addition that made me feel like I had a little more to work for whilst playing the game.

I quite liked the inclusion of meat as a usable object, but its use was rather limited. It was only required on a few levels and on one of the levels where it was present it wasn't necessary for it to be used at all. You seemed to have a few objects dotted about some of the levels that weren't needed as well, such as weapons on levels with no enemies. I wasn't quite sure what the purpose was of these red herrings without the inclusion of an enemy who it wasn't necessary to defeat as well. Being able to place thinks like the shields and blocks on more than a few levels would have been nice and could have made the game feel a little more challenging.

A little bug I noticed that was Questy would appear walk through a solid door if it got shut by an enemy while he entered the square with a door. 'Whelps Have Wings' was the level I first noticed this on as the solution I used required it. The level 'The Mountain Horror' shows me as having achieved a silver medal in game despite the fact that I got gold. I believe it triggered 'Gold' at the end of the level and I've been given the medal for getting a gold score on each level. It seems that every time I try to replay this level it adds one or two pieces of meat in positions on the map where I didn't place them. The 'Mountaineer' medal is also missing from my game and the list of medals on Newgrounds, which is the medal for achieving gold on all mountain levels. Clearly there is a bug here.

I achieved a platinum score on a number of levels. What was the deal with this? Was it possible to get a platinum score on every level in the game, or is platinum awarded if I managed to find a solution that you overlooked using less items? There doesn't seem to be an explanation for this in either the game itself or your author's comments.

jinxology responds:

Great review, thanks for all the feedback. I agree on a lot of it, I'd have love to add more music and animations, just ran a little short on time/cash to add that stuff.

Lovely game. Good puzzles, good clean ascetic, great challenge. Am slightly stumped on 'the alchemy lab' but am sure with a bit of experimentation I will pull through! Please keep up the wonderful games.

jinxology responds:

The Alchemy Lab is the hardest room by all accounts. Good luck!

Awesome game. Story is a bit lacking. Graphics are actually fun to watch.
Very challenging in the later stages but not as stressful as other games.

Now going for the gold ratings. Loving the challenge of it.
4.5 only cause it lacks a little something. More switches? more baddies? maybe more characters?
Looking forward to the next one!

Haven't finished the game yet but so far so good! Tricky and addicting. I love games that make you think!