Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this game on the front page. If I had been drinking something I would have spewed it all over my screen in surprise. I have never been so excited for a sequel. Episode 1 was one of my favorite Flash games of all time. I loved it so much. The sequel has not let me down at all. Some of the puzzles were so deliciously perplexing. The Alchemy Lab definitely gave me the most trouble. All my favorite games have great level design in common. Like the first one, this game has some of the best level design I have ever seen. Spectacular work, I am definitely looking forward to the next one. I especially love how epic you made the boss battles, even though they're technically just puzzles like any other level. I love how in the final confrontation you get shot by the arrow just as you're reaching for the lever at the end. In the first game they're were some unique level elements like the thief and the dragon at the end with its fireballs, and I guess I would have liked more unique elements in this one. But that's not so important because if you go through the trouble of programming something into the game you'll want to be able to reuse it.

If anyone needs help on any level, PM me. I've gotten all the medals and platinum on "Up the Mountain We Go," "Whelps Have Wings," "A Little Help From My Friends," "Someone Must Be Trap Happy," and "The Final Confrontation."

loved the last game and didn't believe you can improve upon this (how wrong was I). great puzzle design, and use of different objects shows great creativity.

Really great game, am loving it, even though the last two chambers I need to get gold are driving me beserk!

Anyhow, I found a bug:
I was on The Alchemy Lab map, and on completing it, as Questy walked into the next room I clicked on the tool tab (I think Map, specifically). This was just as the room panned, and then in the next room the entire tool tab was frozen out, forcing me to close and restart the game. Other than that I am a huge fan, and have added this to my ipad for when I go travelling and need some puzzlers!

jinxology responds:

Yeah, I need to patch that up. You can actually break out of that modal situation by clicking on an item in the room (ie. the key or door) in case that happens again. Glad you are enjoying it!

This is a really fun game. The controls and graphics are great. All the medals work. It took a while, but I earned them all. I look forward to the next Talesworth Adventure.

Amazing game it is. One of the few which chains me to the screen for longer time. Thou i think making a walkthrough would be one more great add to this game. Personally i have stuck on one map which i cant figure out anyhow. I really want to finish game but dont have a clue how to solve that room.