Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

Simple yet compelling. Your brain will hurt while solving some levels. Worth every minute. A must play!

Awesome game! I'm stuck on The Mountain Horror though. I could finish it easily, but I want that gold star!

For a flash game, this is perfect. The difficult was just right, there is even a plot, the cutscenes are great, the animation and music are awesome. Also the length is set just right to me. There are a lot of elements to work with, and each world felt different.

I felt compelled to try to earn a gold medal in all the rooms, and the feeling of achieving it was great, specially because I did not thought it was a waste of time.

A small thing that did not quite live up to the rest was the sound effects, because for some things they seem missing.

Well done Jinxology!

Great puzzle solving game, simple to understand yet challenging, effective interface for ease of play and good use of achievments... suitably impressed
Look forward to future releases.

*To Hare Trinity: The TOO MANY items left over actually gave you a platinum medal instead of the gold

on that note, is it actually possible to achieve a platinum in ALL levels?

At last! There's been some pretty awful stuff on the front page lately and this fun (and funny) little game was a welcome break from that nonsense! Good humour, nice graphics, interesting puzzles, about the right length and with a good set of medals!

A hint system might be nice (walkthroughs normally just give the whole answer away, it's a dull end for that 1 room you're stuck on) and sometimes I didn't get gold because I had TOO MANY items left over, which seems a bit silly.

Generally I loved it though. Funny concept wonderfully implemented and extra points for not calling your wyvern a dragon!