Reviews for "Talesworth Adventure Ep 2"

there is a glithc thats ruined the game for me, after the tutorial i get asked if i want to start a new game. regardless of what i choose i cant continue so i can only play the tutorial

this is an old game, it is not so original, but it is still fun to play for a short time.

jinxology responds:

This game launched in April of 2012. You may be thinking of episode 1, which I launched here in 2010.

i like this game, but i cant get past the he had it coming bit :( i can get the key but i but then i get stuck in a loop. help please? x

For something that wasn't Pico-related, this turned out to be really good. It was great how there were so many things to learn and you learned to do it at a great pace. I haven't even advanced past the tutorial and I already feel like I've played a full game! It's great how you can just set things off once and see how it goes. You always have to fail before you finally succeed. The animation/graphics are great too.

The music is fairly decent too. I probably have played the original version of this, as I have played nearly every game out there, you know. I like how there's so many little things going on and how they're all important to the game. It's nice when you know someone has put fine detail in a game. It's fun to play.

Nice concept. Added to Faves